Angela's Angle

  • How did a glass of wine turn into your business?

  • We are from the Midwest and also live in California, where we fell in love with Napa! Throughout our travels, we noticed that wine was not consumed or enjoyed the same in the Midwest as it was in CA. Most people perceived it as being intimidating, complex and expensive. So we decided to seize the opportunity and revolutionize the way wine was bought and consumed. We wanted WineSociety to be a company that offered wine in a less intimidating, and more accessible way while maintaining the highest quality.

  • Why the name WineSociety? And what does the key symbolize?

  • We wanted a name that would clearly explain our value proposition and purpose in a short and concise way - a wine company that is a welcoming society for new and experienced wine lovers. The key symbolizes the community we are building, one order at a time. If you look closely, there's a wine glass hidden in the teeth! With our innovative logo and branding, we are giving our customers instant access (the key) to a growing community of like-minded people, all of whom share a love for accessible quality wine.

  • What do you want your consumers to feel when they receive their 9-pack of magic?

  • That they are special! Packaging can say so much and that has always been a top priority for us at WineSociety. Even though we can’t bring everyone to the beautiful hills of Napa, we can bring you an amazingly memorable experience, right to your doorstep!

  • Can you tell us a bit about why you chose a can for the packaging?

  • Millennials are a conscious group of people who are savvy about what they buy. They think about the quality, the sustainability and the ease in which they can consume or carry it. We also know that portability and convenience are important to the next generation of wine consumers and that bottles are not practical, and can lead to a wine being more expensive.

    During our due diligence, we learned that cans are the best packaging for premium beverages as it keeps them as fresh as the day they are canned. Cans also have so many other benefits! They are a renewable resource, which aids sustainability. No light can penetrate so there is no chance of discoloration or the beverage going bad through light pollution. Additionally, they chill faster than bottles, and are lighter to carry! One of our favorite benefits is that cans can look and feel super sleek and modern, which worked really with our design concept.

  • Where do you see the business in a year?

  • Our mission is to be the household name for wine! We will have a continuously growing community nationwide and have active customers in 40+ states through direct to consumer shipping and retail.

  • What advice would you give to any budding, entrepreneurs?

  • I get this questions a lot and I think it is very simple. Follow your passion, and listen to that little voice within. Your intuition is there for a reason. Hire a team that is equally as passionate about the value proposition as you are and constantly surround yourself with positive influences. Never stop reading and learning as this keeps your mind active. And finally, know when to take risks and don't be scared. Everything you experience is a learning curve, and you will be okay.

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