Do You Know What You're Drinking?

At WineSociety we are more than just passionate, we’re obsessed with living a well-balanced life. When it came to creating our wine, our founder Angela, knew she wanted to create something that was premium quality, well-balanced and fit within a healthy lifestyle. A lot goes into making sure our wine is full of good stuff - quality ingredients, expert winemaking, and thoughtful packaging. So, we sat down with Angela (who is involved in every step of the winemaking process) to really get down to the nitty-gritty of how, why and what makes WineSociety the BEST wine choice. After all, there must be a secret to how one serving is just 90 calories or less! 

“Our CEO, Angela is involved in every step of the winemaking process to bring you the best quality wine that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!”

WS: Hey Angela, we cannot wait to pick your brain and have some questions lined up from our fans + some of our own! Let’s dive right in... 

What makes WineSociety canned wine a healthy summer choice?

Angela: While WineSociety is a healthier choice for summer, it is also a great choice all year round. Summertime in general lends towards beautiful “fresh-looking” cocktails with fruit garnishes and fancy floaters… however, we forget about all the sugar and calories that come along with them! You are far better to select pure alcohols like wine, tequila, and vodka. The problem with the latter is that we mostly prefer them in the yummy cocktails mentioned above. Keep it simple this summer and stick to wine (WineSociety of course) where you know what you are drinking. **Be careful though as there are wines on the market (typically bottles under $20 and some of the other canned wine options) that are high in residual sugar - on average up to 25g/L!

“Keep it simple this summer and stick to wine (WineSociety of course), where you know what you are drinking.”

WS: Can you explain what residual sugar is for our customers?

Angela: Simply put, residual sugar (RS) is the amount of natural grape sugars leftover that didn’t convert to alcohol once the fermentation process stops. (Hence the name residual). Typically, in higher quality wines it is not added sugar, it is naturally found in grapes and varies depending on the initial sweetness of the grape and when fermentation was completed.

Red Wine Calories

WS: Wow, and why are other wines so high in RS?

The most common reason for less premium (under $20/bottle) wines is that they are produced in higher volumes where lower quality fruit is used and added sugar is needed to “pump up” the void in flavor to meet the specific taste profile for their consumers. There is a lot more to it, but (keeping to our WineSociety promise of simplicity and eliminating complexity) I will leave that for the expert wine educators like Wine Folly. This is a great resource if you are interested in learning more about wine in a fun and visual way! 

WS: So in general, how do consumers know what to buy? 

Angela: Most premium wines ($20+) have less residual sugar than the wines at the bottom of the scale and are well balanced, like our Flagship line. From our research and development stage, we noticed that many grocery store wines which were labeled as “dry” contained about 10 g/L of residual sugar. Noticeably sweet wines start at around 35g/L per liter then go up from there (some even reaching 100+g/L)! If you are a sweet wine lover, be sure to choose a quality sweet wine like our premium Gamay, PLEASURE. At WineSociety, you don’t need to sacrifice quality over price!

Variety Pack of Wine
“At WineSociety, you don’t have to sacrifice quality over price!”
WS. Ok, we have to know, is red wine healthier than a white or rosé?

Great question! It is a fact that antioxidants come from the grape skins and simply put - the lighter the wine the fewer skins are used, meaning less (or no) antioxidants. For example, white wine does not get fermented with skins so it has no antioxidants. So if you want that extra health benefit (in moderation of course) we have a TEMPT-ing choice! ;)

WS: 90 calories or less per serving is a great way to kick off the summer! Can you share the secret to this? 

Angela: Honestly, the quality is the secret! The better the quality, the better the benefit! Our core belief at WineSociety is to provide the best quality wine for everyday enjoyment. All of our flagship wines are about 90 calories or less per serving, making them a simple choice. After all, eating and drinking well leads to feeling great! So when dessert rolls around and you reach for that ice cream cone, think twice and opt for a glass of CHANCE rosé wine instead! 

Ice cream compared to wine calories

WS: We love hearing that customers are saying they don’t get headaches with our wine, why is that?

The fact that our wine is very low in RS and sulfites attributes to that. But the biggest misconception about wine headaches is around the main cause… dehydration. If you are reaching for the less expensive (dare I say) “porch pounders” - expect to have a headache to go along with it. Alcohol = dehydration and consuming a higher volume (which is common with lower quality wines) = a recipe for disaster… or a pounding headache. So choose a better quality wine, like WineSociety, to enjoy - and be sure to still hydrate along the way! 

WS: Angela, is there anything else our customers should know?

Well, in line with a healthy lifestyle, is an active lifestyle. Having products that can enhance your experiences and keep up with any adventure (big or small) is a must! That is one of the reasons WineSociety was created - so we could enjoy great wine anytime, anywhere. After all, cans can go where bottles cant! 

People drinking by the pool

“A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle. Cans can go where bottles can’t!”

WS: Angela, thanks so much for helping our society understand the beauty behind our wines, a little better. 

If you’re looking for a wine that you can feel good about all around (and looks good too!) you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to WineSociety the key to living your best lifestyle.

Low in sulfites, under 90 calories and 5g/L of RS or less per serving!

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