Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! It’s me!

Angela Allison here, #Girlboss, entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of WineSociety, designer, wine-lover and wife. Thank you for stopping by!

My husband Austin and I are proud, pleased, and quite pumped to announce the launch of our Premium California wine company, WineSociety.

WineSociety's first flagship labels – TEMPT (red blend), FATE (white blend) , and CHANCE (rosé blend) are our perfected selection of #PremiumCannedWine.

Why us, why now? …. And why @WineSocietyLife?

Blame it on a bicoastal life. Our successful startup (Dotloop), which led us to NorCal. Our love for wine culture. What we saw as an incredible opportunity to share great wine at an approachable price with our great friends and family.

While living our newfound West Coast life, Austin and I noticed that a huge piece of the culture, festivities and lifestyle was surrounding wine. It’s part of everyday life. How can we share, what we’ve come to know and love?

As a part of the Millennial generation, we are in touch with the next wave of wine-lovers. And we knew we could provide something better.

The traditional wine world can be complex and pricey, confusing and intimidating. Our thoughts?

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. At WineSociety, we’re making the enjoyment of a great wine one of the easiest, most enjoyable times of your day.

We intend on sharing the ❤️ from our wine reviews and wine ratings here. Check back early and often. Here’s a few thoughts from the friends we met at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 75th Annual Convention and Expo in Las Vegas:

Nightclub & Bar: “Our Editor has tasted it (Tempt, our red), and declared it to be similar in profile to the Prisoner.”

InsideHook: “Wine in a can? Sure – It’s eco-friendly, chills quickly, easy to hold and carry.”

We’re available online by subscription and, soon, on select retail shelves. We’re targeting the markets of Cincinnati and San Francisco, Miami and Chicago, for our breakout retail launch, and we ship free to 40 states (and counting!). For now, you can preorder for delivery this month and make sure to use my referral code (http://winesociety.refr.cc/angela)!

I have been asked which one is my personal favorite – TEMPT, FATE, or CHANCE?

How could I ever answer that?

Each of these creations are beautiful, each an individual. They stand by, and for, themselves. Come see for yourself!




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