Highest Rated Wine in a Can!

WineSociety Earns 94 Points, Platinum Medal

Highest Rated Wine in a Can!

94 Point RatingPlatinum Medal

Life’s too short to drink bad wine, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. WineSociety was created for wine lovers who may enjoy a little vino nightly, love to entertain and/or live an active lifestyle. Wine lovers deserve an alternative convenient packaging option too! Quality was key when creating our “beautifully balanced” blends: TEMPT (Red), FATE (White) & CHANCE (Rosé).

"Life’s too short to drink bad wine, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience."

When we started WineSociety, there were only a few other canned wines on the market - now there are over 300. They popped up like baby bunnies in the spring, but most are lower price, lower quality.  From the beginning, we have been focused on creating a sophisticated, yet approachable brand that displays premium quality from the inside out. Our packaging was thoughtfully designed to be “counter and instagram worthy” and something anyone from a millennial to baby boomer would feel proud to hold. A classy, timeless and simple design that doesn’t tie us to trends, seasons or gender.

Angela Alison

As for the wine, quality is key! We are very strategic with the wineries we work with in creating our blends. When it comes to location and appellation, some of them butt right up against Napa soil - you can put one foot in Napa and the other in areas like Suisun Valley - same climate, soil and quality, but without the high price tag for the name.  My team refers to me as the “Chief Tastemaker” as I am heavily involved from start to finish working side by side with our winemaker. Keeping our consumer in mind with the goal of creating delicious, crowd pleasing premium blends. It is a thoughtful process with a lot of tasting, blending, and learning. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! 😉

"My team refers to me as the “Chief Tastemaker”...

We have found that customer education is so important. So many people still don’t know wine is available in cans, let alone good wine. It is our job to educate them, tell our story and get “cans in hands!”. Once people try our product they are like “Wow! I can’t believe that came out of a can!”. To educate our wine lovers, we found that ratings are key.  They trust and rely on ratings, especially when they are looking to try something new. This summer, we decided to enter the 2019 International Wine & Spirits Competition - Sommelier Challenge, and were ecstatic with the results! Here is what they had to say...

Premium Wine

WineSociety, California (United States) "TEMPT" Red Wine Blend NV ($10):  For the first time in Challenge Series history canned wines have taken a spot in the top tier.  This Syrah-dominant blend shows black and blueberry fruit, a touch of tar and a touch of smoky oak on the nose, and the promise translates in the mouth with a plush midpalate and a nice supple grip in the finish.  The can holds 500 ml just for the record (price is per can). Well done! A Platinum Award winner at the 2019 Sommelier Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Wine Review Online Rich Cook Sep 24, 2019   

This is a huge accomplishment and recognition, all of which we have strived for since the beginning. We are a premium wine brand that focuses on packaging in 500ml eco-friendly cans so you can enjoy great wine anytime, anywhere!

Cheers to quality!

Check out our Press Release here!
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