Our Design Story

From the beauty of Napa to your front door

For this week's Wine Wednesday installment, we wanted to bring you our design story. The how's, the why's and the “method behind the madness” story.

When we founded WineSociety, it was extremely important to Austin and me that the brand manifested our intentions of creating a simple and beautiful experience from the minute you discover, to when your delivery arrives at your door. Every label, box, color option and even our logo, embodies our main goal - to connect people through great wine and community.

Follow our design process below to discover how WineSociety came to life!

The problem that WineSociety solves is that wine is complex, intimidating and expensive. We are reinventing the way wine is perceived, creating a simply enjoyable experience that fits with the new generation of wine consumers, and their on-the-go, socially documented lifestyles. We are bold, confident, thoughtful, beautiful and creative. We love to share, experience and just be.

We were slightly torn between two options when it came down to the wine vessel. We were looking for an alternative option to glass that was more approachable, affordable and portable.  A TetraPak carton would've been a sustainable choice, and seeing as we wanted a recyclable package, this was the most common alternative for wine packaging that we had seen. However, it lacked a certain modernity to which our brand was manifesting. So, we opted for a can and never looked back! We really liked the smooth surface and sleek feel. It was a familiar vessel to other canned beverages that the Midwest and millennials are familiar with. Cans are eco-friendly and gave us the ideal sizing options we wanted. (500ml - the perfect amount to share... or indulge, without the guilt!) We also discovered that cans are a great vessel for premium beverages and actually keep wine fresher than a cork!

When it came to our packaging we knew we wanted to create an experience like no other. Every detail was thoughtfully planned with the consumer in mind, which set us apart from other brands. You will find that we do not list all the traditional tasting notes or information about the blends on our packaging - our design is simple, letting our consumers visually identify if it is red or white and sweet or dry. We want you to simply enjoy!  Our idea was to bring the Napa Valley experience to our consumers. WineSociety has done that through our thoughtful packaging, purchasing, receiving and consuming (enjoying) experience. As much as we’d love to, we can't bring you the beautiful vineyards, but we can give you the same feeling you get when you enter an amazing winery!

Our wine is of premium quality so we wanted our unboxing to feel the same. Plus, we wanted to create a visual that you couldn't resist sharing online #instapic! Our favorite aspect of the box is the multiple “can cradles”  that house hidden messages. These are fun suggestions on the best pairings, for example, takeout + re-runs and face masks + pj's - it is always a little surprise when you lift the can!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our journey, and hope you think of us when you create your next memory among your loved ones and pop open your next can of wine!

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