Put That Shoe Down & Back Away From The Bottle!

broken cork in corkscrew from wine bottle
We have all been there… a nice bottle of wine that we just picked up from our local grocery store, plans to meet friends or a special someone for a picnic, BBQ or housewarming party - then the moment comes to open the bottle and… YOU FORGOT THE CORKSCREW or WORSE.. the #CORKSCREWFAILS you! 😡
pouring WineSociety CHANCE rosé in glass



  1. “I saw on YouTube if you put the bottle of wine in a shoe and bang it against the wall, the cork will eventually come out. To my dismay, it did not. The people in the hotel room next door weren’t happy about it either.” - Mark 
  2. “One time my mother-in-law went to open a bottle of wine on our first day of vacation and totally cut up her hand with the corkscrew! We spent the night at the ER until 6 in the morning and she spent the following weeks in physical therapy due to damage to a tendon in her hand!” - Maria
  3. “I tried using a blowtorch to heat the bottle up, so the cork would slide out. Warm wine anyone?!” - Jack
  4. “My uncle likes to use a drill to get the cork out… Power tools make me uncomfortable.” - Kelly
  5. “Using my teeth to pull the cork out is a go-to method when I forget the corkscrew. My dentist does not approve.” - Kyle 
  6. “I can NOT use one of those winged wine openers. I break the cork every time. I don’t know if I put it in crooked or what, but I always have to put it in again to get the rest of the cork out!” - Lauren 
  7. “Do not substitute scissors for a wine opener. Trust me. Me and my college roommates have tried many times.” - Lizzie 
  8. “Perfect cheese board was in place. Glasses were ready. Guests were arriving. I was so excited to share a new bottle of red with my friends! I pulled out the corkscrew and SNAP, only half of the cork came out with it!” - Kathryn 
  9. “I am honestly shocked I’ve never been seriously injured for the amount of times I’ve tried to open wine with a knife! It is NEVER pretty.” - Emily
  10. “I was so desperate, I attempted to use my car keys to pry out the cork. Got the wine.. and a pricey key replacement.” - Nicole

WineSociety TEMPT FATE CHANCE wine

OMG, we are literally LOL! We know you can relate to at least one of those and we are glad to have shared that experience with you. But let’s be honest, nothing should come between you and enjoying a nice glass of wine… especially forgetting a tool to get to the wine! 

Say #screwthecork and opt-in for one of our “bottle quality,” “instagram-worthy,” convenient and WAY more practical (and safe!) cans. You can grab and go without a second thought, and when it comes to drinking, you won't need that sharp object! For even more convenience, get our wine delivered to your door by shopping at WineSociety.com

Cheers to simply enjoying that nice glass of wine!

 WineSociety FATE TEMPT CHANCE wine

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