Screw The Cork This Summer


WineSociety flagship canned wines Tempt, Fate and Chance in a pile of corks

“Great wine should be enjoyed anywhere, without the restrictions of glass and the inconvenience of needing a corkscrew. Cans go where bottles can’t!” 

-Angela Allison, CEO

WineSociety was created on the belief that wine enhances everyday moments (big or small) and is meant to be shared. The needs of consumers have changed and convenience, practicality and simplicity are top of mind in their busy on-the-go lifestyles. Versatility is a must while maintaining quality. Each day more ready-to-consume products become available and canned wine happens to be one of them that is here to stay! In selecting cans to package our premium wine, I wanted our product to fit into people's everyday lifestyles...

WineSociety flagship canned wines Tempt, Chance and Fate with corkscrews

Our new campaign #screwthecork was designed to do just that! It’s a fun way to get you all excited about leaving those clunky corkscrews behind and simply enjoying great wine anytime, anywhere - no strings (or accessories) attached! Our society is growing by the day and our new #screwthecork campaign is a way to stand out, live freely and simply drink great wine!

Here are some ways our society lives by our motto, #screwthecork...

WineSociety canned wine Fate and Chance in a purse

On the go! 

At the beach or lake

At the park with friends 

What The Editors Are Saying

The Beverage Media April 2019 (BM) issue tracked overall slow growth in 2018 wine sales except for cans. BM cited Nielsen stats that showed in 2018 canned wine sales were up 69 percent over 2017, and volume was up 47 percent. To put it simply, cans go where bottles can’t - that’s a fact. Bottles are usually a no-no when you’re on a boat, or at a festival mainly due to safety. That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about with our cans - they’re approved for all activities! 

“Expect to see canned wine almost everywhere in 2019.”


“Last year, after tracking the more than 1,200 wines I sampled that used natural corks, 3.59% appeared to be cork-tainted or were “corked. That’s a completely unacceptable percentage.” 


Looking to the future

“The wine drinkers of 2069 will have grown up in a world where consuming wine outdoors — or anywhere beyond the dinner table — is entirely common, making screw caps and glass cork replacements more appealing. Future wines are also less likely to come in glass bottles. Glass is heavy, and expensive to ship — especially by drone (Alexa’s not just educating herself for fun). Glass bottles will increasingly be reserved only for high-value wines likely to be collected and stored. For the rest, we’ll see wine in cans, tetra paks, PET plastic, aluminum bottles, kegs, and even edible bottles made from a sugar substitute, according to a 2018 report from Armit wines and futurologist Morgaine Gaye. In other words, the death of the corkscrew is imminent.”

Kate McManus - Delicato Family Vineyards

Join the ‘screw the cork’ movement by taking our wine with you out and about this Summer, and snap a pic and share using #screwthecork. We can’t wait to see how and where you #screwthecork this summer with canned wine.

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