Shifting into the New Year

In my last post, I spoke about resolutions we impose on ourselves and explained how this year I was simply going to "be" as opposed to force myself to "do". It's a shift of mindset that allows you to approach certain goals in a more holistic way. So, with that said, I'd like to talk about shifts that are happening at WineSociety. Yup, there's a whole new way to get wine delivered to your door and it's more approachable than ever.

After listening to all of your amazing feedback last year, we just had to put pen to paper. You see, quite a few people were still a little dubious on the whole wine in a can thing, and we get it, it's new but so worth it! Because we are so passionate about you experiencing our premium quality wine, we decided to create a new way to enter our wine club.


By joining WineSociety you will receive a trio pack as a first tasting of our wine, for just $10! That's three 500 ML cans (which equal 4-glass servings) for your first month! This way you can try and taste our wine, without that overwhelming feeling of expensive price tags, then be delighted a month later with your very own 9-pack (based on the results of your flavor profile quiz). For just $99/quarter (that’s $33/month), you can relax and enjoy great wine without the hassle.

I am so excited about this new approach as it has literally been fueled by all of your amazing responses. Plus, you never have to worry about running out of wine ever again. Our quarterly shipments are designed to keep premium quality wine, flowing in your home, so you can focus on making your 2019 great!

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