"We Go Together Like....” 🎶

I was connecting with a friend the other day, and she mentioned being in charge of planning a bachelorette party. She was struggling with a few final details, beverages being one of them. I couldn't contain my excitement to recommend WineSociety! Not only will the wine be sure to please, but the colors of the cans are perfect!! She asked about having a signature cocktail and I sent her the recipe for our CHANCE rose petal Sangria. In a matter of minutes, she placed an order for a 9pk of CHANCE, had the recipe for her cocktail and had a vision for the bar set up.

This got me thinking about the various places our canned wine would work as tasteful additions. After all, we made the packaging convenient enough for you to literally take it everywhere and believe wine is best paired with life’s daily adventures. Below are a few ideas on how to incorporate our wine, and make a lasting impression.

WineSociety pairs well with

You + Your Lifestyle

Book Clubs - We’ve all noticed the revival of the book club, and what pairs better with a great book discussion than wine!!?? WineSociety.com makes it easy to host your next book club with our VARIETY 9-pack Box, you bring the book, we’ll send the wine! Oh, and if you’re looking for any book recommendations, we are currently loving Ashley Spivey’s Book Club suggestions! Learn more here @ashleyspivey
Photo Credit: The Newsette
Movie or Game Nights - When you get the crew together, for a casual but fun night in, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Our premium wine blends were made to be versatile in taste profile and design. They are casual enough to enjoy with popcorn, then you can turn around and enjoy them at a wedding or gala.
Bridal Showers & Bachelorettes - Not only are our cans incredibly “Insta-worthy” and the perfect color pallet, but they make for a wonderful addition to the beverage table!! Soooo Pretty! Plus you’ll get all the hashtag praise for creating a new bachelorette trend. *wink*
Photo Credit: Sunday Forever
Happy Hour - Turned up empty-handed at the last office party? Eek, whether you’re part of the party planning committee or building your dreams out of a co-work space, our wine is definitely something that will bring on happy hour sooner than expected. You’ll also get a pat on the back for taking up less space in the fridge next to all the leftover lunches, pizza boxes and cake from yesterday’s birthday celebration. #winning
Outdoor Soiree’s - Think picnics, tailgates, and pool parties where you need something glass free, not too bulky and easy to serve. Just toss it in the cooler next to the beer cans, no corkscrew needed. Cheers!
Housewarming or Hostess Gifts - Put an end to the infamous "mystery bottles" that are typically proudly displayed in a decorative gift bag upon entry, then quickly mixed in a pile with the others... no name tag attached. (Are we right, lol?!)  Instead, stand out with our premium tasting box! Not one, but three blends of wine all in one ready-to-gift box that you can proudly hand to the host
Wherever you choose to enjoy WineSociety, share a photo with us @winesocietylife,
we love to hear from you!
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