Hi Friends!

Welcome to WineSociety, where wine doesn't have to be complex or expensive, it doesn’t even have to come in a bottle! I am Angela Allison, CEO, and co-founder. My husband Austin and I created WineSociety to revolutionize the way consumers purchase and enjoy wine. We wanted great quality wine we could enjoy every night, because life is too short for anything else.

Here is the inside scoop on how & why we started WineSociety.

First was our Midwestern roots and personal drive. They say home is where the heart is, and we truly grew up in the heart of it all, O-H-I-O! Known for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the first professional baseball team and being the 4th largest producer of craft beer. A lot of other great things came out of this heart-shaped state, like our love story, (you guessed it, we were high school sweethearts) and our first big business venture together, dotloop. In 2013, we started our split lifestyle between Cincinnati, OH and San Francisco, CA - the tech capital of the world. The next few years, we bounced between SF and Cincy where we witnessed a difference in cultural uniqueness, product offerings, and personal habits.

“We saw a difference in cultural uniqueness, product offerings,
and personal habits.”

The second was our discovery and experience of Napa Valley! The first weekend we spent in SF, we planned a trip to Napa Valley - not because we enjoyed wine (remember we came from the beer mecca), but because it was a place you just had to see...and it took our breath away! The rolling hills of vineyards, tasting rooms ranging from modest to extravagant, and food that will leave you dreaming about your next meal. It was everything we had heard it would be, and more. When we pulled up to our first tasting room, I was a little apprehensive but I can still remember that intimidation melting away as soon as we walked in. An upbeat melody accompanied by witty lyrics, laughter and applause lured us in as we were welcomed with a flight of wine. This experience was the beginning of it all…

“I can still remember that intimidation melting away as soon as we walked in.”

The third was our personal observations and experiences. As we continued to travel back and forth from Cincy to SF, our new obsession with wine in hand, we began to look for it wherever we were. Unfortunately, beer and cocktails were more prevalent in social gatherings and purchasing a bottle in stores was still intimidating due to the hundreds of labels and blends to choose from. (Seriously, how do you choose!?) We also noticed that a bottle was sometimes a little too much, and the single serve options were too small. Our active lifestyle of boating, hiking, and entertaining was not meshing well with wine bottles. A glass bottle, plus a corkscrew and glasses was just not that practical, not to mention heavy.  

“We also noticed that a bottle was sometimes a little too much.”

During one of our soirees we almost entertained the idea of purchasing an entire barrel of wine so that we would always be prepared for guests and never run out! Back to the practicality thing, it was not a very viable option and would take up too much room.

The fourth was the realization that there was a huge opportunity! Over breakfast one morning we started brainstorming (as we usually do), and it happened to be around the complexity of wine. All our observations and experiences over the past few years started to mesh together, ultimately answering our question of, “how can we drink great wine every night without the guilt of opening a $40 bottle?” With wine being one of the few industries that had not had a significant pivot to appeal to modern day consumers, the timing was right!  We knew the whole approach needed to be simplified (from the design to purchasing to receiving and ultimately enjoying), and we knew we were the ones who could do it. With my design background, Austin’s tech experience and our combined drive, we decided then and there that we were going to create an e-commerce wine company that simplified all things, wine!

“how can we drink great wine every night without the guilt of opening
a $40 bottle?”

 Less than a year later, welcome to WineSociety! An approachable direct-to-consumer, human company who keeps the consumer in mind, every step of the way. Our mission is to make quality wine more approachable and convenient, allowing the consumer to focus on the important things in life. From our delicious blends to even the way you discover which wine is right for you, we have created an experience you will never forget. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced wine-lover, there is a place for you in our society. 

Cheers to your new go-to!


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