Welcome to WineSociety

We are on a mission to combine great wine & experiences. We believe wine doesn’t have to be complex, intimidating or expensive to be doesn’t even have to come in a bottle! 

Meet our flagship blends - Beautifully Balanced, all under 90cal, 5g rs and low in sulfites. 

Key Differences: 



  • Where does the wine come from? The finest vineyards in all the land… of California! We strategically source from vineyards surrounding Napa Valley in climates and soil types that fit our flavor profiles.
  • How many servings per can? Four (4) 4 oz. servings in each.
  • Why did you decide on a 500ML can? Sometimes a bottle is a little too much and single serving options can be too small, so 500ML is just right.
  • How long does the wine last in a can? 15-18 months. 

  • How long does it last if it's sealed with a can topper? Similar to putting a cork back in a bottle - up to a few days. (Tip: store all opened wine in fridge for longer life, just remember to set reds out prior to drinking)

  • Does the can make it taste like metal? No metal taste here! Our cans have a special lining that prevents the wine from ever touching the aluminum. 

  • Can I drink out of the can? You can do whatever your heart + lifestyle desires! However we recommend pouring into a glass or cup for maximum enjoyment - to see and smell the wine!

  • Where can I learn more about WineSociety? Visit us at or come see us in Cincinnati at our Tasting Room.  Follow us on social @winesocietylife.

About the Founder
2013: Angela would say it was FATE that brought her to California, where she developed a deep passion for wine and wine culture. Over the years, that passion grew, so did the observations of inefficiencies, high cost, and perception that wine was something your parents drank.
Late 2017: Angela was TEMPTED with an opportunity and took a CHANCE to bring great wine to households across America
Jan 2018: WineSociety was established. Available online and select national retailers. 
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