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Single can red wine



A dark and elusive blend, not too sweet or dry. Our TEMPT™ wine beats $40+ Napa Valley blend bottles in taste tests.

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Today you pay just $36.75

You will then receive the 3 pack to try all three delicious blends.

3 Pack


Your next 3 pack arrives 90 days later.

Included quarterly, are three, 500 mL cans (which equal 4-glass servings). This totals 12 servings in a box or $3.00 per glass!

*You’ll see a little charge of $36.75 pop up on your statement for the 3 pack today. Commitment issues? We get it. Cancel at anytime. We’ll miss you but, we aren’t the clingy type. Want to take it slow? Hit pause before your next order ships and we’ll back off.

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