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Single can red wine



A dark and elusive blend, not too sweet or dry. Our TEMPT™ wine beats $40+ Napa Valley blend bottles in taste tests.

How WineSociety™ works:


Today you pay just $49.

You will then receive the 3 pack to try all three delicious blends.

3 Pack


Your first 9 pack arrives in 30 days.

Your quarterly selection is:


TEMPT 9 Pack

Included quarterly, are nine, 500 mL cans (which equal 4-glass servings). This totals 36 servings in a box or $3.00 per glass!

*You will be charged $49 for the 3 pack today. Your first 9 pack club shipment will be sent one month after you sign up and you will be billed $99 quarterly going forward. You may change your wine selection, pause or increase your club shipments at any time before your next order ships.

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